Equal With God

 Christ is risen! 

51390694461_d00fd133d7_wBut Jesus answered them, “My Father has been working until now, and I have been working.” Therefore the Jews sought all the more to kill Him, because He not only broke the Sabbath, but also said that God was His Father, making Himself equal with God. (John 5:17-18)

The gospels make clear that Jesus is God’s Son. What early Christians realized is that this also makes Him God in the flesh, and they believed this is what His miracles and wisdom also confirmed. Jesus being the Son of God also makes Him God the Son. What this meant for theology took time for the Christians to discern, however, they concluded that the accusation the Jews made against Jesus – He makes Himself equal with God—was in fact true.  It was a mystery, but a mystery revealed by God in Christ that humanity and divinity could be united together and were in fact united in the person of Jesus Christ.  This was also their understanding of what constituted salvation – the reunion of God with humanity. Writing in the 3rd Century, the Christian biblical scholar Origen writes:

48100320293_82ca2112cd_wBut of all the marvelous and magnificent things about him, this altogether surpasses the astonishment of the human intellect, and the frailty of mortal intelligence does not discover in what way it can think or understand how that mighty Power of divine majesty, that very Word of the Father, and that very Wisdom of God, in whom were created all things visible and invisible [Col 1: 16], can be believed to have been within the compass of that man who appeared in Judea; and indeed that the Wisdom of God entered into the womb of a woman, to be born an infant, and to utter cries like the wailing of infants; then, afterwards, that he was also reported to be troubled in death, as even he himself acknowledges, saying, My soul is sorrowful even unto death [Matt 26: 38]; and that, at the end, he was brought to that death which is accounted by human beings the most shameful, although he rose again on the third day. When, then, we see in him some things so human that they appear to differ in no respect from the common frailty of mortals, and some things so divine, that they are appropriate to nothing else but the primal and ineffable nature of divinity, the narrowness of human understanding is bewildered and, struck with amazement at so great a wonder, it knows not which way to turn, what to hold to, or whither to take itself. If it thinks of God, it sees a mortal being; if it thinks of a human being, it perceives him returning from the dead with spoils after conquering the Kingdom of death.   (Origen, ON FIRST PRINCIPLES, pp lxv-lxvi)


Jesus is fully God and fully human. He became human in order to bring humanity into communion with God.

Truly, He is risen!