Three Poetic Thoughts

Christ is risen! 

Today I offer three poems of which it can be said, he is a poet, but didn’t show it. 



Prayer takes many forms 

Mine are postcards to God. 

Snapshots of where I am: 

Wish You were here! 



God’s Ever-Presence

One can’t enter into God’s presence- 

There’s no other place to be. 

All ways there 

Not always aware.  



A Photo: Presenting the Past

A photo – something frozen in time 


Not what is,

Only what was

The present

But no more.


Is it real? 

Now it is 

A (fleeting) memory,

A biblical flower. 

Unlike eternity  

Which is neither frozen 

Nor in time. 


Eternity never is 

On time, or 

In time 

Bent by gravity 

Or by the gravity of  

The times. 


Indeed, He is risen!

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