Praising the Creator 


For of Your own good will, You have brought into being all things which before were not, and by Your power You uphold creation, and by Your providence You order the world.


When You had joined together the universe out of the elements, You crowned the circle of the year with four seasons.


Before You tremble all the Powers endowed with intelligence.


The sun sings to You. The moon glorifies You.


The stars meet together before Your presence. The light obeys You.


The deeps tremble before You. The water-springs are Your servants.


You have spread out the heavens like a curtain.


You have established the earth upon the waters.


You have surrounded the sea with barriers of sand.


You have spread out the air for breathing.


The Angelic Powers serve You. The Choirs of the Archangels fall down in adoration before You. 

(Prayer from the Great Blessing of Water)

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