St Innocent Apostle to the Americas 


Today in the Church we honor the memory of St Innocent Apostle to the Americas who said: 

My Christ-loving readers and brethren!


By the Word of God was all created; by the power of the Word of God is all that was created sustained.


The Word of God is food for man; it nourishes his soul.


The word of God is water to quench his thirsty soul.


The Word of God is a lamp to lighten the darkness of man’s heart until daylight finally dawns.


The Word of God is also Light itself; that is, the Word of God shows in man’s heart clearly and vividly all of God’s works – and even God himself.


Without the Word of God man is spiritually hungry, thirsty, blind and dead.  (Paul Garrett, ST INNOCENT APOSTLE TO AMERICA, pp 119-120)