Ode to Autumn


Nobody lives on a bridge, they say, 

It simply connects two points. 


Autum: mistreated as mere bridge 

Whereas its beauty is worth the stay. 


Autumn blossoms earthtone hues

An abundant sensory harvest.

Slow down, take a walk  

In a woods or a park or your neighborhood. 


Rejoice in God’s autumnal gift to you. 

Though perennial, it peaks. 

Midas leaves his touch. 


Stop, look, listen, breathe in . . . 

Seasonal scents abound 

Hear the rustling beneath your feet. 


Feel the chill and the breeze. 

Colors, floating, free falling from the trees 

Adding a touch to the ground. 


Beauty for no reason but to enjoy 

No evolutionary benefit for the trees. 


From the beginning, God enjoys the colors 

As He does the Bow in the sky. 

He sees from above what we see from below.


Not a dying season –

Vivid and vibrant inviting us to see 


The change that means new life, 

Renewal and a joyful rest

Enabling the next burst of life. 


Autumn shaped by the year that passed 

Heralds the one to come, 


Still, not mere transition – 

A season to be fully present. 


Not the beginning of the end, 

Rather time to experience  

The unique – in all its gorgeous glory. 


And Job again took up his discourse, and said: . . . “I was in my autumn days, when the friendship of God was upon my tent; when the Almighty was yet with me…” (Job 29:1… 4-5)

You can see more of my autumn photos at 2022 Autumn Photos  or any of my photos at Ted’s Flickr Page.

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