Seeking God’s Help in Our Daily Lives


O most-wise and most-gracious LORD, our Saviour, who enlightened all the ends of the world by the radiance of your coming and who called us into your holy church through the promise of the inheritance of incorruptible and eternal good! Graciously look down on us, your worthless servants and remember not our iniquities, but according to your infinite mercies, forgive all our sins.


Even though we transgress your holy will, we do not deny you, our God and Saviour. Against you alone do we sin, yet you alone do we serve, in you alone do we believe, to you alone do we come and your servants only do we wish to be. Remember the infirmity of our nature and the temptations of the adversary and the worldly enticements and seducements which surround us on every side and against which, according to your word, we can do nothing without your help.


Cleanse us and save us! Enlighten our minds that we may firmly believe in you, our only Saviour and redeemer. Inspire our hearts that we may wholly love you, our only God and Creator. Direct our steps that we may not stumble, but walk in the light of your commandments. Truly, our LORD and Creator, show us your great and abundant kindness and make us live all the days of our life in holiness and truth, that at the time of your glorious Second Coming, we may be worthy to hear your gracious call into your heavenly kingdom.


Grant us, your sinful and unprofitable servants, to receive your kingdom and that in the enjoyment of its expressible beauty, we may ever glorify you, together with your eternal Father and your eternal Divine Spirit, to the ages of ages. Amen.  (Prayer Book – In Accordance with the Tradition of the Eastern Orthodox Church, Kindle Location 2289-2300)

[There is another prayer in the Orthodox Church which says, “Laying aside all excuse we sinners offer to You as our Master this supplication: Have mercy on us!”  That prayer tells us to boldly approach God because of His mercy and lovingkindness and to accept full blame for our sins and not offer any excuses for why we sin.  The above prayer on the other hand acknowledges that we are pretty powerless in the face of temptation and the allurements of this world mislead us constantly, so we need God’s help, aid, intervention to be able to do the good – as Christ Himself told us (John 15:5). The prayer acknowledges that though we sin against God, we don’t deny Him or His existence. We do fail God constantly, and yet we admit this and humble ourselves before Him begging His mercy since He also has been proclaimed as the God of mercies and the God of those who repent (Manasseh :13). So, it turns out by God’s own Word that He is the God of sinners too – sinners in need of His mercy, seeking His salvation, forgiveness and mercy. It is God who makes us worthy of God’s mercy and salvation – it is not our effort that makes us holy. It is honest for us to admit this and to place ourselves at His mercy and God of mercy will save us (Deuteronomy 4:31; Psalm 103:8-12).]