Thanksgiving (2022)


The mouth which is continuously giving thanks receives blessing from God. In the heart that always shows gratitude, grace abides.  (THE WISDOM OF ST ISAAC OF NINEVEH, p 14)


Wishing all of my American readers a blessed Thanksgiving Day.  And for all of my readers, thank you for reading my posts and for all of your encouraging words and prayers. Here is a hymn from The Akathist: Glory to God for All Things to help us all celebrate the day and to give thanks to our Creator:


What sort of praise can I give you? I have never heard the song of the cherubim, a joy reserved for the spirits above. But I know the praises that nature sings to you.


In winter, I have beheld how silently in the moonlight the whole earth offers you prayer, clad in its white mantle of snow, sparkling like diamonds.


I have seen how the rising sun rejoices in you, how the song of the birds is a chorus of praise to you.


I have heard the mysterious murmurings of the forests about you, and the winds singing your praise as they stir the waters.


I have understood how the choirs of stars proclaim your glory as they move forever in the depths of infinite space.


What is my poor worship? All nature obeys you, I do not.


Yet while I live, I see your love, I long to thank you, pray to you, and call upon your name…

36961810773_8226bb6db4_w(Prayer Book – In Accordance with the Tradition of the Eastern Orthodox Church, Kindle Location 2705-2711)


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