Costa Rica Cuatro

This is the 4th and final photo blog I’ll post about my trip to Costa Rica.  The other blogs are  Costa Rica,  Another Look at Costa Rica, and Costa Rican Animal Moms.

Above is a look at Tamarindo Beach from the beach at low tide.

The Macaw is a fairly common sight in certain parts of the country.  There are numerous colorful birds.

An Anhinga, also known for what might be  an obvious reason as “the piano bird”.  This was one of the birds I saw the most.

One of many of the species of Kingfishers.

One of the Trogon species.

A Fiery-billed Toucan.

A Bare-throated Tiger Heron.

One of the many hummingbird species found throughout the country.

The cloud forests, rain forests and tropical rain forests are also home to many monkeys.

A Spider Monkey above.

White-faced monkeys above – I was told they will “steal” anything they can from places humans inhabit, though they often simply discard the items.

The Howler Monkeys are appropriately named, as they wake you up way before the sun rises with their very loud howls.

Above is a tree full, not of monkeys, but of iguanas!

The Emerald Basilisk is also called the Jesus Christ Lizard, since it too can walk on water.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a great photo of this event, but the locals claim it is the only creature besides Jesus to be able to walk on water.

One of the rivers we traveled on in the Tortuguero Rain Forest was completely black and reflected perfectly like a mirror.  It made for some interesting images as the thick rain forest growth reflected on the water.  I am always intrigued by images of reflection.  Below two photos of mostly submerged caimans with one eye visible and reflecting in the river.


Next, more of the caiman is visible and reflected in the river.

Below, a Green Iguana reflects on the water.

By far the largest predator we saw was the crocodile.  He seems to be smiling as he awaits his next meal.

And of course some insects grow to great sizes as well.  A Hercules Beetle below, not quite to life size.

There are of course larger threats than animals in Costa Rica – volcanoes for example.  Below, son Seth, rests peaceably beneath the currently quiet Arenal volcano.

Here’s the link to My Favorite Photos of Costa Rica and you can find links to all the photos I took at   Costa Rican Collection.

You can find links to all my photo-blogs at My PhotoBlogs.

Another Look at Costa Rica

I already posted in a previous blog some photos I took while in Costa Rica.  Just want to share a few others – I treat all of my journeys at photo safaris.

The sun setting over the Pacific Ocean gave the optical illusion of almost melting into the ocean.

People do assemble each evening when the weather conditions are right to watch the sunset.  One never  tires of such beauty in God’s creation.  Fewer take advantage to see the beach at dawn.

The Pacific was peaceful that morning, the wet sand perfectly reflecting the sky.

We also viewed some of the country’s agriculture.  Our bus got stopped at a banana crossing – banana bunches are placed on a zip line kind of device and moved through the plantation to the waiting trucks.  The bus had to wait while the banana bunches crossed the road.  The “caboose” of the banana train was a worker also being carried along.

Fruit and vegetables were plentiful from what I saw, and part of the beauty of the country.

And there were many flowers to enjoy even though the rainy season had not yet begun.

Costa Rica is home to many sloths – both three and two toed – at least for North Americans it is a thrill to see what to us is an exotic animal.

Monkeys are as common as squirrels at times.

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You can find links to all my photo-blogs at My PhotoBlogs.

Costa Rica

Every thing has a beginning – be it the planet, a country, a journey.  Even things that began long ago sometimes leave clues to their existence.  So the modern nation of Costa Rica has a Pre-Columbian past, an existence which predates the arrival of Europeans.

The Pre-Columbian Gold Museum in San Jose, Costa Rica, gives us clues into the rich culture which existed in the Americas long before Europeans arrived.  It was a culture rich in tradition, art and craftsmanship.  The still existing gold work is a great example of the talent and knowledge of these ancient peoples.  It was the beginning of my visit to the country as well.

I want to share a few photos of the riches and beauty I saw in Costa Rica.  Including a richness in wildlife.

Note the clever high-wire act – you may even be able to see this mom is carrying her child while moving along the power lines.

Costa Rica is known for its tourists as well.

It is not just the tourists who are colorful – it is in the country’s culture.

The hummingbirds add to the country’s wealth of color.

The country is blessed with two coasts and beautiful beaches.

Gorgeous sunsets are part of those riches God has bestowed upon this part of His world.

And there are dense rain and cloud forests which were my initial attraction to the country.  


With some, the beauty of nature is only in the eye of the beholder.

Some (touristas!) come to the country to recreate wherever they can.

Some find themselves in the strangest of sights.

And sometimes we are fortunate enough to capture magnificence in the tiniest of creatures.

We are sometimes also awed by the gracefulness of creatures who at times seem so awkward.

Some look for a little more thrill in nature than others.

And others are thrilled by the simplest of things.

You can find my collection of Costa Rican photographs at Costa Rica Collection.   There are links to various albums of photos from our journey.  I have as of today not finished editing all of my photos, so there will be some more to add in the near future.

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You can find links to all my photo-blogs at My PhotoBlogs.