Animal Crossing

When I was in the spectacular Yellowstone National Park, we were brought to a complete halt several times by the wildlife.  It was awesome to see, and makes one wonder what North America was like  250 years ago when the United States was first being formed as a nation.


However, in Dayton, we too encounter wildlife which brings traffic to a standstill.  One realizes one does not have to go far from home to see the wonders of nature.  It is amazing how the National Park System changes us –  for when driving around town wildlife seems a nuisance which we impatiently endure, but in the Parks we are awed and stop frequently for no other reason than to watch the wildlife.

Grand Canyon

I needed a change of scenery in order to re-create for awhile and renew my heart and mind.  Decided to take a winter vacation for a few days in Arizona.  This is my first trip ever to Arizona and to see one of the wonders of God’s world: the Grand Canyon.  It is a photo-safari to America’s great southwest.  While my soul feasted on the Grand Canyon, my body told me the weather was still very much winter.   Daughter Julie, was less than excited about the snow and heavy fog blanketing the Canyon.

It is beautiful, and not as many people visit the Grand Canyon in the winter, and so fewer people see it with snow.   In fact, the snow and cold can make it hard to see:  on our first day in the park, the ranger at the entrance gate told us there was zero visibility.  Fortunately, we were not completely blinded by this fact.  The great thing about a camera is it always finds something to picture.

Of course to add to the special effects, overnight 4 more inches of snow fell, and it seemed like we would have very limited views of the Canyon.

We went on a sunrise tour to see that much vaunted Arizona sun.   The sunrise, however, was completely obscured (not to mention the air was freezing cold which both fingers and toes noted, and the heart was feeling kind of cold in the absence of any sun).    But then, as the morning wore on, quite surprisingly, the fog began to disperse.  The Canyon became more visible.

The glories of the Grand Canyon were revealed – they were of course always there, even if not visible to us.  The transfiguration took place as our eyes began to see the reality hidden in the mist.

The wonderful, awesome Grand Canyon now revealed made us all a lot more joyous.  Julie and I both had reason to smile.  Even if the temperature went up only a few degrees, the heart was warmed by what the eyes could see.

So we give thanks to God, Trinity and our Creator, for all the beauty found on earth.  “O Lord how manifold are Thy works!  In wisdom hast Thou made them all: the earth is full of Your riches!”  (Psalm 104:24)

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Your Guide to the National Parks

I enjoy parks of all kinds, including county parks, as great places for taking a walk, viewing nature and doing some photography to capture the God given beauty on our planet.

Haleakala Sunset

A new book has come out which offers an introduction to all 58 of our national parks.  As wonderful as that is, the book goes beyond introductory materials in offering history, interesting facts, and specific points of interest.  It has hundreds of color photos and full color maps which point out specific must see sites.

The book is YOUR GUIDE TO THE NATIONAL PARKS: THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO ALL 58 NATIONAL PARKS  by Michael Joseph Oswald.  As a plus it is also available in a Kindle Edition.

It has a wealth of information about things to do as well as offering information on nearby places of interest, including some lodging, grocery and dining recommendations.  It certainly is a bargain for the price either in the print or Kindle version.  If you have an interest learning about our national parks and/or if you would like to plan some visits to them, this book  would be a welcome companion and resource.  It offers helpful information about what specifically to see at various times of the year when you might visit. It has a wealth of information for the person who likes to carefully plan their visits to our national treasures.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park