Yosemite National Park

America has been blessed by God with places of awe inspiring beauty.

I’ve been on vacation, enjoying Yosemite National Park for the past week.

Upper & Lower Yosemite Falls

We had beautifully sunny weather, though the air was often quite chilly.

I’ll share a few photos of things I saw in and around Yosemite.

The scenery is spectacular.   I think God must have enjoyed creating this part of the earth.

Spectacular scenery with abundant waterfalls as well.

Half Dome and Nevada and Vernal Falls

Spectacular scenes with some drama as well – wildfires were visible.  They of course can be destructive but are part of the natural cycle of life in the area.

Snow is still visible in some of the mountains, though it is late June.  The melting snow feeds the waterfalls.

Lukens Lake and its wildflowers add variation to the scenery.

We did miles of walking – I won’t call it hiking but it was not easy.  Below we are approaching the top of Vernal Falls.

A photograph cannot do justice to the majesty and size of the giant sequoias.

Though we saw signs warning of bears and mountain lions, we saw relatively few mammals, but a sampling below of a few animals.

Steller’s Jay

Lizards were the creature we saw the most.
Coyote were the biggest predators we saw.

My favorite are the wildflowers – my son, John, reminded me frequently that the hikes would not be nearly so long if I didn’t stop to photograph every flower.  Personally I thought it was the steep climbs which were the problem.  The flowers were a relief along the way.

Besides the wildflowers, John is also a colorful character to travel with.

We ventured a little bit outside Yosemite Park to visit Mono Lake and its unusual Tufa formations.  The tufa was actually produced underwater, but use of the lake by water thirsty southern Californians nearly drained the lake exposing the tufa formations.  It is also home to the underwater fly – yes, there are flies that can live underwater.

The moon towards evening was also bright, though not yet full.   Ansel Adams I’m not.  He certainly would have caught the moon perfectly.

All good things come to an end, and so too another beautiful day.

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Wisdom of Solomon 43:1-32 Pictured

The exultation of the heavenly heights is the firmament of purity, the form of heaven with the vision of glory.  The sun, when it appears, making proclamation as it goes forth, is a wonderful instrument, a work of the Most High.  At noon it dries up the land, and who can endure its burning heat? A man kindling a furnace works in burning heat, but the sun burns the mountains three times as much, breathing out fiery steams, and sending forth shining beams, it dims the eyes. Great is the Lord who made it, and by His command it hastens its journey.

He also made the moon to serve in its season as a declaration of times and an everlasting sign. From the moon comes the sign of a feast, a light that wanes as it completes its course. The month is named according to the moon, being increased wondrously in its phases, a vessel encamped on high, shining in the firmament of heaven.

The glory of the stars is the beauty of heaven, a world shining in the high places of the Lord. By the words of the Holy One they stand according to His judgment and do not grow weary in their watches.

Behold the rainbow and bless Him who made it, exceedingly beautiful in its brightness.  It circles heaven with its glorious arc, and the hands of the Most High laid out its course.

By His command He makes the snow to fall, and speeds the lightning by His judgment.  Therefore the storehouses are opened and the clouds fly forth like birds.

By His majesty He condenses the clouds, and the hailstones break into pieces.

At His appearing the mountains are shaken, and by His will the south wind blows.  The voice of His thunder makes the earth tremble, and so do the hurricane from the north and the whirlwind as well.

He sprinkles the snow like birds flying down, and its descent is like grasshoppers alighting. The eye marvels at the beauty of its whiteness, and the heart is astonished at its raining down.

He pours the hoarfrost like salt upon the earth, and when it freezes, it becomes like pointed thorns.

A cold north wind blows And ice freezes on the water, and forms on every pool of water, and clothes the water like armor.

He consumes the mountains and burns up the desert, and withers the green herbage like fire.

A mist quickly heals it all, and falling dew brings refreshment from the heat.

By His reasoning He quieted the great deep and planted islands in it. Those who sail the sea recount its dangers, and we are amazed at the reports coming to our ears. For therein are the incredible and wondrous works, a diversity of many living things, and a created order of huge sea creatures.

Because of Him His messenger has a prosperous journey, and by His word all things are held together. How Do We Praise Him? We will say many things and not reach the end, but the sum of our words is seen in this: “He is the all.”

How shall we ever be able to adequately praise Him? For He is greater than all His works. Fearful is the Lord and exceedingly great, and wondrous is His power. Glorify the Lord and exalt Him as much as you are able, for He will surpass even that. And when you exalt Him, put forth all your strength; Do not grow weary, for you cannot exalt Him enough. Who has seen Him and will describe Him? And who can magnify Him as He truly is? There are yet many hidden things greater than these, for we have seen but few of His works.  For the Lord made all things And gives wisdom to the godly.

Your Guide to the National Parks

I enjoy parks of all kinds, including county parks, as great places for taking a walk, viewing nature and doing some photography to capture the God given beauty on our planet.

Haleakala Sunset

A new book has come out which offers an introduction to all 58 of our national parks.  As wonderful as that is, the book goes beyond introductory materials in offering history, interesting facts, and specific points of interest.  It has hundreds of color photos and full color maps which point out specific must see sites.

The book is YOUR GUIDE TO THE NATIONAL PARKS: THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO ALL 58 NATIONAL PARKS  by Michael Joseph Oswald.  As a plus it is also available in a Kindle Edition.

It has a wealth of information about things to do as well as offering information on nearby places of interest, including some lodging, grocery and dining recommendations.  It certainly is a bargain for the price either in the print or Kindle version.  If you have an interest learning about our national parks and/or if you would like to plan some visits to them, this book  would be a welcome companion and resource.  It offers helpful information about what specifically to see at various times of the year when you might visit. It has a wealth of information for the person who likes to carefully plan their visits to our national treasures.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Lend me an EAR

I’ve posted a couple of Poems of One Words (The ART of, You are what you EAT) , which are a play on a word which is found in other words to which it shares some relationship.  They are visual poems rather than for recitation, because it only in seeing them that you get the word play.  I’ve added photos (most are my own photos) to enhance the visual poetry.

Lend me an EAR