Visiting Washington, D.C.

Was able to spend a few days with my son in D.C., which was a joy.  

If you want to see a Collection of my Washington Photo Sets, just click on the link and then click on any of the thumbnail photos to enter the sets.  Once in any set the thumbnail versions of the photos of that set are visible.  Click on the Slide Show link in the upper right hand of the screen to see full size versions of the photos in that set.  

A set of various things I saw in DC can be found at Washington DC Sights.

The DC buildings (paid for by we the people!) truly are impressive,

 The Library of Congress is the most ornate, artistic and extravagant building that I saw in my days in the nation’s capitol.  

DC creates an American mythology mixing an endless collection of monuments to American heroes and leaders with  historical figures of fame from the ancient past and mythological gods and goddesses as well as anthropomorphicized virtues and vices.  Power and might is the message, though interestingly enough little of the current president is evident in the city, unlike the cities and states run by dictators which display more images of their current leadership than their past.

We really had a beautiful evening view of the Reflecting Pool, Lincoln & Washington Monuments (DC at Night) complete with a shining full moon on a cloudless night. 

We took the guided tours that were scheduled through Congressman Mike Turner’s (R- OH) office.  We toured the Supreme Court, the Capitol Building and the Library of Congress.  We also did the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.  Each of the tours was informative and worthwhile.   Among other things, I learned that the U.S. hasn’t printed any bills greater than a $100 bill since the mid-1940’s.  Checks and credit cards have made the larger bills obsolete.

 I still find God’s creation and creatures to be the most beautiful to see (The National Zoo, Geckos at the National Geographic, US Botanic Garden).   Geckos are a most versatile and fascinating creature, a wonder of God’s creation and one that has evolved into a wide variety of divergent and adaptable reptiles. 

The orchids at the US Botanic Garden were a joy to look at and had a beautiful fragrance.   As usual I took few of people (none of me) and John makes a cameo in a couple of the photos.  You can view some of my Favorite DC Photos.

Best of all, I got to spend time with my son who was a patient tour guide and made lots of allowances for my making the visit into a photo safari.  We did a lot of walking, and saw an incredible number of things in a few days.

Visit to Washington, D.C.

I had the chance to visit my son, John, in DC (where he lives and works).  We visited many sites in 2 days of roaming the city.   Below are a few of my Flickr slide shows of places we visited.  You can click on “Slideshow” right above the set of small photos to see the photos displayed.

ArlingtonCemArlington National Cemetery    —    Our days were very overcast, but that certainly helped keep the temperature down.  Crowds were generally sparse everywhere.  This was our first stop.  The size of the cemetery and the numbers buried is staggering.   One is really confronted with the toll that death, which St. Paul in 1 Corinthians 15:26 calls God’s last enemy, takes on humanity.  I also thought about the numbers who have serve our country, putting their lives at risk for the sake of the nation, for our freedom, for me.   They certainly do represent one form of heroism. 

NatAquariumNational Aquarium   —

The National Aquarium in DC is rather small, but if you like to see aquamarine life you do get a chance to see things you can only see in a few places on earth.  I like looking at tropical fish in aquariums in any case.  Something notably beautiful about them.  They represent the beauty of the world which is normally hidden from our eyes.  We are transformed when we see the beauty.

HillwoodHillwood Estate Museum  —

This was the mansion and playground of Marjorie Merriweather Post.  The opulence in the mansion makes you realize she had more money to play with then some of the kings of Europe.   I was amazed at the kitchen and dining room.  Photos aren’t permitted inside, so these are of the outdoor gardens and orchid greenhouse.

WashMonumentWashington Monument  (with views from the top)  —

I last went to the top of the monument probably in 1963.   It is an impressive work.   The trip to the top is worth the price.  The views from the top are wonderful – and I say this even though we had totally overcast skies and rain.


NatCathedThe National Cathedral   —

Another impressive and massive structure.   The lines and lighting of this Gothic Cathedral do catch your eyes.   I am not particularly fond of Gothic and much prefer in a church the simpler Romanesque style, but it does convey the sense of a Great God. 

SFaireyArtStreet Art (including Shepard Fairey)

Much of this art was in an obscure alley in NW DC.  John is a fan of S. Fairey.  This is the kind of thing you know about only by living in DC.   Some of it is art for arts sake.

If you go to my flickr page there are other sets of photos as well, including photos of the White House, Scenes around DC, the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, and the Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima).