Update on Fr. Ted

Friends, Parishioners, and Blog Followers,

My dad asked that I post an update about his back surgery.

As some of you know, my dad recently underwent a procedure known as a multi-level lumbar spinal fusion. About thirty-five years ago, his back was injured in a car accident (this was before airbags, crumple zones, and seats belts with shoulder restraints). The injury ultimately caused degenerative disc disease, which has slowly caused his spinal column to compress and stiffen over time. Over the past year, this condition worsened and caused a pinched nerve that made it difficult for him to walk.  To relieve the pinched nerve, doctors uncompressed and strengthened several vertebrate by attaching (fusing) titanium rods with screws to both sides of several discs in the affected area.

The surgery itself went very well and my dad is progressing exactly as the doctors expected. He has started physical and occupational therapy and is walking on stairs. Although he is moving slowly, he does not require the use of a cane or a walker. He has been discharged from the hospital and is currently resting at home.

As for relief, my dad reported to me that the pain caused by the pinched nerve is gone.  He seemed very happy with the results of the surgery.

For the next month, my dad will be recovering from the spinal fusion surgery and is limited in what he is allowed to do.  It may be several weeks before he gets back to blogging on a regular basis.

We all appreciate your thoughts and prayers,

John Bobosh