Seeking the Newborn Christ

The Church invites us to remember the Christmas story.  Remembrance in this sense is not simply recalling past events, but placing yourself in those events.  We are invited to be the Magi and offer to Christ the gift of our daily deeds.

“The Magi, too, sought Him, and when they found Him in the crib,

Worship instead of investigation they offered Him in silence.

Instead of empty controversies, they gave Him offerings.

You, too, seek the First-born, and if you find Him on high,

Instead of confused searching, open your treasures before Him

And offer Him your deeds.”

(St. Ephrem the Syrian – d. can 373AD – quoted in the St. Vladimir’s Theological Quarterly Volume 56 Number 1, pg. 19)

You can find links to all the blogs I have or will post during this year’s Christmas season at 2012 Nativity Blogs.

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