Great Lent and the Lord’s Commandments

Keeping Great Lent properly and strictly is always a struggle.  Here is one hymn which tells us what to do and what to pay attention to during the Fast.


“Since we know the Lord’s commandments,

let us live accordingly:

let us give the hungry food,

the thirsty drink;

let us clothe the naked,

welcome strangers to our homes,

visit those in prison and the sick;

so that he who will judge the whole earth

will say even to us:

‘Come, you that are blessed by my Father,

inherit the kingdom prepared for you.’”

(Vespers Hymn in Orthodox Lent, Holy Week and Easter by Hugh Wybrew, pp 32-33)

Charity for the poor and needy is the best way to keep Great Lent – it is how we change our hearts to love as Christ loves us.