Hummingbird Moths

Hummingbird Moths, aka Clearwing Moths, have intrigued me since I first noticed them a couple of years ago.  And I have photography to thank for noticing them, for I had taken my camera on a walk through a wild flower garden when this distinct motion in the midst of the flowers attracted my attention.

When I first one darting about some wildflowers I really did think it was some kind of mini-hummingbird.  I tied unsuccessfully to photograph it the few times I saw it over the past 5 years.   But they seemed notably camera shy and zoomed off as I tried to take aim with the camera.

I saw them very infrequently, and there seemed to be just one and then I would see no more of them.  While walking through a wildflower field at Caesar Creek Lake, I again saw one who escaped my photography effort, but then I noticed there were a couple of them.

So I got my opportunity to take a few photographs of the Hummingbird Moth, and am sharing the photos with you.  On my level of photography it is triumph.

I never even heard of these Clear-wing Moths in my first 55 years of life.  But once I caught a glimpse of one, I wanted to photograph one but they seemed elusive.   To get a few pictures of them, I felt a photographic achievement.

I find so many things in nature which cause me to marvel.  The diversity of life is astounding.

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