We are God’s Daytime Stars

“Blessed be God! Behold, there are stars here on earth too, and they shine forth more brilliantly than those of heaven!

There are stars on earth because of Him who came from heaven and was seen on earth. Not only are these stars on earth, but – a second marvel – they are stars in the full light of day. And the daytime stars shine more brilliantly than those which shine at night.

For the night stars hide themselves away before the rising sun, but when the Sun of Justice shines, these stars of day gleam forth still more brightly. Did you ever see stars which shine in the light of the sun? Yes, the night stars disappear with the end of time; these daytime stars shine forth more brightly with the coming of the consummation. It was of the night stars that the Gospel says: The stars will fall from heaven, as the leaf falls from the vine; and of the day stars: The just will shine forth like the sun in the kingdom of their Father.

Why is it that as the leaf falls from the vine, so shall the stars fall from heaven? As long as the vine nurtures the grapes, it needs the shelter given by the leaves; when it puts aside its fruit, it also puts aside its foliage. So, too, as long as the whole universe possesses in itself the race of men, the heavens also will have their stars, just as the vine will have its leaves. When there is no more night, there will be no need for stars.

Fiery is the nature of the stars in the skies; fiery, too, is the substance of those on earth. But the fire in the skies can be seen with the eyes of the body, whereas this other fire is perceived by the eyes of the soul. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire, says Matthew.

Do you wish to learn the names of these two kinds of stars? The stars of the firmament are called Orion, Arcturus, Evening Star, and Morning Star. Among the stars in our midst there is no evening star; all of them are stars of morning.” (St. John Chrysostom,   Ancient Christian Writers: Baptismal Instructions, pp 56-57)