Vicarious Living


I mentioned in a previous blog that I don’t get out as much these days for health reasons.


So I have to rely on seeing the world through other people’s eyes or lenses.


Fortunately my son, Seth, has been traveling the country and sharing his photos with me.


He’s much more adventuresome than I.


You can see all his photos at my son’s photography.  Hope you enjoy his photography and travels as much as I do.


I would say he is a better photographer than I am, but I’ll say it is because he has a better camera.




4 thoughts on “Vicarious Living

  1. Gary

    Father Ted,
    God bless you. Your son is a fine photographer, but your nature photography is second to none. It has been a blessing to me these many years I have been reading your blog.

    1. Fr. Ted

      Thanks for your kind words and your prayers. The photograph has been a blessing to me, but I just can’t do it as much anymore.

  2. Bradford Miter

    His camera brings out the better in him. Time for you to upgrade. The sun picture is really neat as well as the Fort in the Keys(?).

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